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1xBet offers types of bets such as singles, accumulators, system and chain bets.

You can bet on TOTO-15 and TOTO Correct Score.

Every day 1xBet presents “The Matches of the Day”, which comprise the best daily offers. We offer you enhanced odds and increased stake amounts on all those matches!


Live bets are available 24 hours a day. For most sports, more than 30 markets are offered for each event, including bets on corners, yellow cards, free kicks etc.


You can top up your account at 1xBet betting shops. We also accept e-payments via WebMoney, Qiwi and others.

Winnings are paid out through the same method that was used to make a deposit.


1xBet Sportsbook includes over 1,000 events daily. You can bet on a variety of popular sports: football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, golf, boxing, handball, American football, hockey, baseball, table tennis, biathlon, Aussie rules and bandy. We also offer bets on cricket, snooker, Formula 1, cycling, ski jumping, curling, floorball, inline hockey and water polo. With 1xBet, you can bet on more than 1,000 sporting events every day.


1xBet provides 24-hour customer support by phone 08000077777. 1xBet also has an Online Consultant service. Alternatively, you can get in touch with 1xBet by email. Our contact details can be found in the Contacts section.

Sport betting has grown bigger than anyone could ever think of. These days, there are more games available to bet on than ever before, and the list is an ever-growing one.


Even when there are no sporting events taking place, bettors can choose to concentrate on virtual games and make some money from it. Sport betting is serious business. With it you can make all the money you want. (If you know, you know!)


But before that can happen, there are several things that you need to know including how to place bets, how to check your bet history and most importantly, which sport betting website is the best one to use. Whether you’re new to betting or you’re a veteran, here are some key reasons why we think NairaBET is your best choice for betting:


10% Bonus on Monday Deposits

What is better than having more funds at your disposal to place even more bets and increase your chances of winning? Maybe having a NairaBET account to do all of this and more.


*AD* Click here to INSTANTLY open a NairaBET account and start your profitable sports betting journey.


With a NairaBET account, you’re entitled to a 10 percent bonus on deposits that you make into your account on Monday. Every Monday! No other bookie has this on offer.


#NairaBETGoPay even if one game spoils your ticket

We all know what it feels like to have a losing ticket all because just one of our predictions failed to come through. It can cause some serious nightmares especially if the money that was to be won was a huge amount.


But as a NairaBET customer, you don’t have to go through this trauma. You know why? Even if one game cuts your ticket, NairaBET will still pay you!


*AD* Sounds like a joke? No it’s not. It is for real and it is another reason why you should drop all you’re doing right now and click here to INSTANTLY open a NairaBET account for yourself, if you don’t have one already.


Edit Your Ticket/Bet Slip (even after placing your bet)

Raise your hands if you’ve mistakenly added a game to your accumulator bet before?



Yeah, we’ve all been there before. What’s more annoying is when it is that game that messes up your ticket. Arrrgghh! It can be so painful.

But not anymore! You can now correct all these mistakes with the “Edit My Bet” feature on NairaBET.


Cash Out

Another reason why NairaBET is your best choice for betting is this: its cash out feature.

When you place your accumulation bet and, midway through the slip, some games are already successful but you’re not sure of the remaining ones, NairaBET’s cash out feature helps you to opt out of the bet and get paid for the already-successful ones. This way you’re sure to not lose all.


Easy Funds Deposit

To make money in sports betting, you need to invest some money of your own. If there are no easy ways to do this, betting can be stressful, and it will be harder to make profits from your sport betting business.


Knowing this, NairaBET has made it super easy to make deposits into your account. Whether you want to make a deposit with your ATM card or you want to make a transfer from your bank or pay through an agent, NairaBET’s got you covered.


You can even use a USSD code to fund directly from your bank account, if you use GTBank. Just dial *737*50*Amount*88# on your phone (the one attached to your GTB account) and your NairaBET account will be funded.


*AD* All you need to do to start winning is CLICK HERE, fill out the necessary details, open your NairaBET account, fund it and start winning big!


Customer-to-Customer Funding

With a NairaBET account, you can have funds deposited into your account from a friend’s NairaBET account – another easy funding method. What this means is that you don’t necessarily have to make the deposit from your bank account. All you need to do is simply call/text a friend, make the transfer, place the bet and make your millions.

Simple, right?


Free Browsing with MTN

Don’t forget this too: whenever you’re browsing with your MTN line and you enter the NairaBET website, your line switches to free mode. That is, MTN stops deducting from your data or credit and you’ll browse the NairaBET website for free. You can place bets and win money without spending a kobo on browsing! Learn more here.



You want to bet on the games on your accumulator that haven’t been played? No need to start picking the games all over, there might not be time for that before the next game starts; just use the rebet feature. Click here to learn more about it.


Share code

You can share your betting code with a friend and they’ll be able to place the same bets, or vice versa. No need to start picking games from scratch when you have a friend that always wins his bets. Just ask for his bet code, and tadaa…you’ve placed the bet too. Learn more about sharing and loading bet codes here.

With all the aforementioned points, we hope we’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that NairaBET is your best choice for your sport betting business.


And mind you, these are just 9 of the tons of awesome features on NairaBET.

The next step to take if you don’t yet have a NairaBET account is to click here to INSTANTLY one and start winning.